"When engaging in space design, we adopt a comprehensive approach that encompasses meticulous material sourcing, all the while faithfully representing the unique vision and lifestyle of our esteemed clients."

The Artistry of Our Process

With meticulous attention to detail, we invigorate spaces, infusing them with a vibrant and refreshing ambiance. This enables us to create  stunning and functional environments that perfectly complement our clients' refined lifestyles. Through a collaborative approach involving clients, architects, tradespeople, and builders, we seamlessly transform our clients' home aspirations into tangible realities. We firmly believe that the true measure of a remarkable home lies in the profound pride and sheer delight our clients experience upon project completion.

Our Services

This is what we do at RAMAD STUDIO

Design services

- our approach to space design is holistic, reflecting our dedication to creating cohesive environments.

- We meticulously curate materials and furnishings to ensure an impeccable representation of our clients' distinctive lifestyles.

- Our expertise lies in crafting expansive, contemporary residential units and bespoke furniture and decor projects.

- We undertake projects in diverse international locations, catering to a discerning clientele of prominent CEOs and esteemed families.

- Recognizing the value of our clients' time, we prioritize efficiency and streamline decision-making processes.

- Inclusivity is paramount to us, and we strive to foster an inclusive environment throughout our collaboration.

"The Rhythm of Our Creative Symphony"

We will be by your side to help you implement. In addition, my partners offer removal, disposal and storage service

01. Planning and Concept Development:

- Define project scope and objectives.

- Create a mood board according to the client ‘s requirements and preferences.

- Create a design concept and explore options.

02. Design Development and Implementation:

- Refine the design concept based on feedback.

- Develop detailed floor plans, elevations, and specifications.

- Select materials, finishes, furniture, and fixtures.

- At this stage drawings are made ,Electrical plans, lighting   concepts, and acoustic solutions. Color and material combinations, spatial representations and 3D displays.

03. Execution and Completion:

- Coordinate with contractors.

- Procure and install furnishings and accessories.

- Conduct final inspections and project handover.

-Make the decision that is right for you to help with implementation. In addition, my partners offer removal, disposal and storage services.

Our Customers

Some of the world's top brands appreciate us for their services